What if I don’t like the colour I picked?

We want you happy upon the completion of your job.

But regardless of the quality of work done, if at the completion you are unhappy with the colour you
chose, you most likely will not use our company again.
Every painting contractor has had a job where the customer liked the quality of work, the crew and
everything about the company but they were unhappy with the colours used and now their whole
perspective is clouded and they view the job as a bad experience.

After selecting a painting contractor, the selection of colours to be used are the next most important
decision you need to make. Take your time on colour selection.
Ask for colour charts ahead of time and buy a sample pot of paint to try it on a couple of different areas of
your home as well as in different types of lighting if you feel you need to.
The cost of a few sample pot of paint is much cheaper than repainting a room or entire house if you end up unhappy with the colour chosen.

Selling: Do you notice a little more wear and tear than you expected?

Repainting can correct all of that. Any real estate agent will tell you – a freshly painted home starts
selling itself as soon as people walk in. The property gives the all-important feeling of being well cared
for, the key to “move-in condition.” That leads to a higher purchase price and a shorter time on
the market. Which means refurbishing pays for itself in dollars as well as peace of mind.

How often should I repaint the exterior of my property?

If paint is starting to peel, the sooner you repaint the better. The longer you wait, the more preparation time will be necessary and the higher the cost will be. Some businesses and homeowners paint every 4 to 6 years.
Why? It keeps the home or business looking its best at all times, they stay ahead of deterioration, and it’s very cost effective because there is very little prep time-just sand and paint. Having to spend 4 or 5 days scraping peeling paint can add a tremendous amount to the cost of a new paint job.
A fresh paint job always helps the value of a property! Painting your property before it starts to deteriorate is always the smart and economical thing to do. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting compliments on your professionally painted property!

How is payment handled?

Depending on size of job, a deposit is required upon signing of contract
With smaller jobs, payment is due in full upon completion of work. Please make arrangements to pay when the job is complete.
In the case of larger jobs a progressive payment schedule will be set up.
Pre established commercial accounts are on a standard Net 7 day schedule.

How do I select the right colour for the exterior of my house?

Your home’s exterior is the first impression visitors have of you. You should want it to look good.

First, be sure to take into account the fixed colours of your home – brick, stonework and the roof colour. You may want to consider choosing a paint colour that will pick up the colour from one of these non-painted areas such as, for example, a brown that appears in your brick. In addition, the style of your home may play a role in the colours you select. If, for example, you have an architecturally accurate reproduction of a colonial-style home, you may want to use authentic exterior colours from that period. Or, if you have a Victorian-era home you may want to use a number of colours to accentuate the architectural details on your home. Another way to set your home off is to create an interesting welcoming entrance by painting your front door in a bold colour scheme.
A fool proof way is to buy sample pots of your chosen colour and paint a small area, do not forget to look at the area in different times of the day as lighting plays an important role.

The bricks on the exterior of our house have been painted. We. would like to remove the paint and restore the house to its original appearance. How easily can this be accomplished

The bricks on the exterior of our house have been painted. We. would like to remove the paint and restore the house to its original appearance. How easily can this be accomplished

Most likely, not easily! If the bricks were prepared properly, it may be virtually impossible to return them to their original appearance. This is one of those a rare situations in which you will be better off if the quality of the original work was inferior!!!

The porous nature of brick requires the application of a primer/sealer to the surface. The primer should penetrate the bricks and seal the surface. If the paint is applied directly to unsealed bricks, the bricks will absorb the paint unevenly, resulting in a spotted appearance. Because the primer is absorbed into the brick, removing it without damaging the bricks might prove impossible.

There are several methods for removing the paint. A pressure washer can be used, though care should be exercised. High pressure water can damage mortar and soft bricks. Sand blasting, in either a wet or dry form, can also be used, though again, damage to the bricks can easily occur.
A chemical stripper can be used to soften the paint film, which can then be removed with a pressure washer or a scraper.
However, if the stripper softens the primer, it could cause further absorption into the bricks.
Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to your question. Each method can be effective, though progress will be slow, tedious, and messy. Some property owners in your situation have elected to remove as much of the paint as possible, and leave the remainder on the bricks. The result can be attractive.
My suggestion would be to experiment on a small area. This will allow you to identify the method which will be most effective, as well as determine if the appearance you seek is possible.