Flat, Semi or Full Gloss?

Full-gloss is superior for cleaning and durability, so it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms high-traffic hallways on ceilings walls and woodwork.

Semi gloss is ideal for woodwork in most other rooms apart from wet areas.
On the other hand, semi-gloss will not show as much imperfections as full gloss on surfaces.

Low sheen is mainly used in general rooms on walls because its washable and has a slight sheen to it, it goes well with woodwork which is painted with a semi gloss finish.

Flat does a superior job of hiding slight irregularities in the wall surface, so it is frequently used in living and dining rooms. It also scatters light falling on it, preventing glare. However, its more porous surface is not easily cleaned.

These same characteristics are also true of exterior paint. flat paints tend to attract dirt more readily, and do not clean as well as paints with some sheen. However, high gloss paints also magnify defects in the surface.

A satin, finish provides clean ability without the negative characteristics of higher gloss paints.

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