How do I select the right colour for the exterior of my house?

Your home’s exterior is the first impression visitors have of you. You should want it to look good.

First, be sure to take into account the fixed colours of your home – brick, stonework and the roof colour. You may want to consider choosing a paint colour that will pick up the colour from one of these non-painted areas such as, for example, a brown that appears in your brick. In addition, the style of your home may play a role in the colours you select. If, for example, you have an architecturally accurate reproduction of a colonial-style home, you may want to use authentic exterior colours from that period. Or, if you have a Victorian-era home you may want to use a number of colours to accentuate the architectural details on your home. Another way to set your home off is to create an interesting welcoming entrance by painting your front door in a bold colour scheme.
A fool proof way is to buy sample pots of your chosen colour and paint a small area, do not forget to look at the area in different times of the day as lighting plays an important role.

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