Interiors – What should we do before painters arrive?

Interiors – What should we do before painters arrive?
If not previously arranged, the following-Please prepare rooms for us by doing the following:

-Remove all pictures and paintings (leave nail holes if you plan to re-hang pictures in the same spot).
-Remove unwanted nails so the holes can be filled.
-Remove all small and fragile objects – tables, shelves and floors should be left empty.
-Remove all window treatments.

By providing clear access for our crew it will allow The Painting Professionals to do a more complete job.
It would be helpful also make arrangements to have any pets looked after during the job.
If you need help with heavy or high items please ask.

We will do the following:
-Move all furniture into the center of the room
-Cover furniture and lampshades with clear plastic.
-Remove and replace all switch plates.
-Cover all floors with drop sheets
-Tape skirting boards to prevent paint from dripping.
-Clean the room upon its completion.

After we leave, we recommend that you do the following:

-Open and close all windows every other day for 1-2 weeks to prevent sticking.
-Wait 2 weeks before paint is fully cured for aggressive wear and tear.

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