What if I don’t like the colour I picked?

We want you happy upon the completion of your job.

But regardless of the quality of work done, if at the completion you are unhappy with the colour you
chose, you most likely will not use our company again.
Every painting contractor has had a job where the customer liked the quality of work, the crew and
everything about the company but they were unhappy with the colours used and now their whole
perspective is clouded and they view the job as a bad experience.

After selecting a painting contractor, the selection of colours to be used are the next most important
decision you need to make. Take your time on colour selection.
Ask for colour charts ahead of time and buy a sample pot of paint to try it on a couple of different areas of
your home as well as in different types of lighting if you feel you need to.
The cost of a few sample pot of paint is much cheaper than repainting a room or entire house if you end up unhappy with the colour chosen.

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