We make the following commitments to every contract:

Surface Preparation:
– All surfaces to be painted shall be cleaned free of loose dirt and dust.
– Sanding, wire brushing or scraping shall remove all loose and peeling paint deposits.
– Holes, cracks, and damaged spots shall be patched or filled, and finished to match texture of adjoining surfaces

-We use only top quality materials. It just does not make sense to save a few dollars by using cheap materials. In fact, using high quality materials saves us time and money in the long run. Not only do we get things done with less labour, but also we have less warranty work. We use top of the line materials, or as specified.

-Our experienced, skilled tradesmen shall do all your painting.
-Paints shall be applied evenly and free from runs, misses, air pockets, or any other defects.

-Our painters shall protect their own work, also adjacent work, and materials from
paint spillage or over spray with suitable covering. We are up to date with all relevant insurances.

-Before the team packs up their equipment, a “wet walk survey” is done to ensure all contracted
areas are painted properly.
-Final touch-ups are noted on a “rectification list” and completed before the team leaves.
-After the team leaves, a “dry walk survey” is done with the client

Clean up Interior:
-Furniture is moved back to original positions.
-Wall and ceiling fixture are replaced.
-Floors and carpets are thoroughly clean with a professional vacuum.
-All of our trade rubbish is removed.
-Touch-up paints are dated, labelled, and left with the client

Clean up Exterior:
-Performed daily and upon completion of the job.
-All our trade rubbish is removed.
-Plant beds cleaned and paint chips removed.
-Touch-up paint cans are dated, labelled, and left with the client.
-Outdoor furniture and fixtures replaced.