Residential painting services

Residential Painting Services

This program is also available for Interior Maintenance. See here

Our Exterior Maintenance Painting Program caters for Residential, Commercial and Association’s buildings, offering a care that provides the same advantages to your property maintenance as regular servicing does to your vehicle.

The Professional Painter’s pro-active (as opposed to the costly re-active approach) response to Sydney’s intense summers. Exterior paint can be subjected to harsh conditions. Summer temperatures causes wood, paint, caulk, and other construction products to expand, often resulting in cracked caulked lines and damage to the paint film. Regular maintenance is imperative for protecting exterior paints.

Our Exterior Maintenance Program for Residential painting services

Introduced in early 2000, this program has been highly successful, with close to 40 percent of The Professional Painter’s clients signing up in the first year.

How our Exterior Maintenance Programs works:

The Professional Painters will perform a thorough review of the participating clients’ homes or buildings each year, and provide a detailed report of the findings, including estimates for any repairs.

The Exterior Maintenance Program client then decides if, and when they want the work to be done.

Joining the Exterior Maintenance Program does not obligate our clients in any way to have work performed. Exterior Maintenance Program clients, nevertheless, do receive priority scheduling for their repairs. This program allows The Professional Painters to monitor client’s building or home and identify problems early, prolonging the life of a recent painting job, and avoiding expensive, re-active procedures in the future.

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